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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very simple really. Bring your work essentials (laptop, charger, notebook, headphones, etc.). Introduce yourself to your fellow coworking buddies and share what you’re working on. Then get to (co)working. Organic conversation usually ensues when people are taking breaks from their work. This is when we’ve seen ideas flow, feedback given, best practices exchanged, connections made and more!

No, entrepreneurs are coming together to work in tandem on their respective projects. 

We’d like to stay accountable to just you – our users. We don’t want to collect your data; we don’t want to run ads; we don’t want to handicap your attention. We simply want to create the best experience for you.

We offer most of our coworking sessions for free to all entrepreneurs. Our premium coworking sessions require more labour, time, planning, and cooperation with third parties in order to be made available for you. The fee you pay for these sessions allows us to create the best experience for you without compromising your needs, values, or privacy. We work hard to create the best experience for you, by giving you access to people you want to meet and places you want to see while safeguarding your privacy.

We’re run by a small team and a community of volunteers – your small fee payment goes a long way to help us keep the lights on.

While our coworking sessions are catered towards entrepreneurs, we welcome anyone that is working on something of their own: a cool project, a part time side hustle, contract work, a new idea, etc. We define ‘entrepreneur’ as a state of mind, and not just as a title.

Not at all! There’s no obligation to stay until the end of the indicated time. Stay for as long as is best for you. However, we do ask that you show up to your coworking session on time as a courtesy to your coworking buddies.

We’re currently catering towards the downtown Toronto area but we are slowly expanding. You can stay up to date with where we are by following us on the ‘gram at

If you would like to help Momentify expand in your area shoot us an email at [email protected]

Awesome idea! Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.